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Learn about the process for landing an internship with.To apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand) Read more about our application process and requirements for getting an internship in Thailand for international students.

Apply for internship in Thailand – Requirements & Application Process



Apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand) online and we will get back to you within 3 days by email. With this email, you will be able to schedule your management trainee program interview.


After apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand), During the interview (usually a Skype interview), we will discuss with you the options for your potential business management internships. The primary purpose of the interview will be to get to know you better as a person, and it will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.


After apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand) and meeting, there will be a 14-day waiting period in application process, It  will allow us to identify the companies that best match your requirements (and vice versa).


Upon confirmation of your internship, we will be in contact with you to assist with the visa application process.

Learn more about how to Apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand)  in our management trainee program for international students


Our management trainee program for international students is an extremely enriching experience, so our application process is comprehensive and looks at both the students and the company’s requirements to ensure that we find the best fit for both parties. The main requirements to apply for internship in Bangkok (Thailand) in business management are as follows:

  • You must be at least 20 years of age.

  • You must be able to speak business English or have a minimum TOEIC score of 800.

  • You must hold either a European, American, British, or Asian passport.

  • You must be able to commit to an internship for a minimum of 3 months.

  • You must be open-minded and motivated to pursue an international career.

  • Submit a competitive application along with strong supporting documents.

If you have any questions about how to apply for an internship or the requirements for getting business management internships in Thailand, feel free to contact us.