Information for Parents


Information for parents of students of graduate trainee program in Bangkok, Thailand – learn more about our emergency contact policies and how we keep you safe.

Graduate Trainee Program in Bangkok (Thailand) – Information For Parents

Even though Thailand is a safe country, we understand that working overseas can cause many worries for the parents of international students. When you are so far from home it is natural that your parents want to make sure that you are safe, especially after hearing stories of political unrest, natural disasters, and dangerous flooding in Bangkok, Thailand. While these situations are rare and often exaggerated in the media outside of Thailand, we want to make sure that your Graduate Trainee Program in Bangkok, Thailand is a good experience for both you and your family.

Rest assured that your children will be safe throughout the duration of their graduate trainee program  in Bangkok (Thailand)

For this reason, if you are joining our graduate trainee program in Bangkok, Thailand, we will have your parent’s contact information on hand so that we can contact them promptly in the case of an emergency and keep them informed about the progress of the situation as well as your well-being. Your parents will also be able to contact us in the case of an emergency if they are unable to reach you directly.

You can rest assured that your safety throughout the duration of your Graduate Trainee Program in Bangkok, Thailand is one of our top priorities, and we will be in contact with your family and your embassy in a timely manner if an emergency arises. However, it is important to know that Thailand is a safe country – with a Buddhist culture and friendly locals, you are sure to feel safe during your graduate internship program in Bangkok. As long as you are sensible about your actions and your surroundings, you will be safe living here and getting around during your Graduate Trainee Program.

If you have any other questions about safety and Graduate Trainee Program in Bangkok, Thailand or any other information for parents, please feel free to contact us.