Will I get paid ?

You may be wondering whether you will you get paid for an internship and recover your internship-cost or not in Bangkok (Thailand) as international students. Click to learn more about our paid vs. unpaid traineeship.

Will I get paid for Traineeship? Internship costs & compensation in Bangkok, Thailand

When considering the prospect of working overseas, internship costs and compensation are often a primary concern for students. Since the cost of living in Bangkok, Thailand is also relatively low compared to some other countries, internship costs when you are living here tend to be fairly low. Due to the substantial number of students that want to land international business training in Bangkok, Thailand, Traineeship opportunities in the country are, for the most part, unpaid. This tends to be the case around 80% of the time. However, if you have a highly competitive profile with strong technical skills (for example: graphic design, web development, or a proficiency in foreign languages such as Russian, Japanese, Korean, etc.), there is a chance that you will be able to receive monetary compensation for your traineeship and can recover internship cost. In the case of a paid internships, you can expect to receive within 5,000thb and 10,000thb / month.

Learn more about a paid vs. unpaid international business internships and the compensation you can expect to recover your internship cost

While the chances are low, it is definitely possible to get paid and recover the internship cost for international business traineeship in Bangkok (Thailand)! This will mostly depend on your previous experience, the position you are looking for and the destination. We will be sure to inform you in advance of any paid traineeship opportunities that we believe will suit you, so that you will be able to prepare in advance before your interview with the company in Thailand. Please keep in mind that your profile will need to be outstanding in order to be considered for a paid internship, but through us anything is possible! As such, the Bangkok, Thailand traineeship will not be able to guarantee you a paid traineeship. However, you can be assured that we will do our very best to ensure at least some form of compensation to help cover your internship costs.