We offer advice and assistance to any participating trainee if they need help finding suitable accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand, although we do not provide accommodation for those taking part in our internship student program in Thailand,

Finding accommodation for trainee in Bangkok (Thailand)

We do not provide accommodation for students that use our trainee jobs services. However, if you purchase our ‘’standard package’’, we will help you find the right accommodation for you once your trainee position has been secured. When it comes to internship costs for accommodation, it is important to consider the fact that lease agreements in Thailand are usually signed for a minimum of 1 year. While it is possible to find 6-month contracts, the monthly rent is likely to be significantly higher.

Internship costs for trainees- what to expect in terms of rental rates, leases, and accommodation options

We usually recommend house or condominium sharing as the best option for any trainee that is looking to lower their internship costs. Benefits of house/condo sharing include:

    • You will meet other internship trainee and develop your social network as soon as you land in Bangkok, Thailand
    • You can get a spacious condo with your own private room
    • You can find convenient place in the city center without spending too much time
    • You can also except to have access to a shared gym or swimming pool at certain condominiums

    Although we don’t directly offer accommodation to trainee with trainee jobs, we will help you find space. Our assistance generally consists of:

    • Putting you in touch with the owners of shared place for internship students in Bangkok, Thailand
    • Offering recommendations for the best and most efficient websites you can use to find a shared location (websites, Facebook groups, etc.)
    • Connecting you with other students looking for shared space so you can organize a group to share with in advance

    Please note that you will be required to pay a deposit for your accommodation which will only be returned 1-2 months after the end of your rental period as long as nothing is damaged, broken, or missing from your accommodation. For this reason, we are unable to be involved with the deposit for your accommodation.