Visa process Internship Thailand

Doing an International internship is your best opportunity as a student, why not starting your business internship in Thailand. You want to do an internship in digital marketing in Bangkok, start as business trainee or be part of a trainee international program?  Then you will need to start the Visa process for an Internship in Thailand. This visa will allow you to work three months as a trainee in Thailand, and this is renewable every three months. Doing your summer internship in Bangkok will allow you to discover the Thai culture, a new working environment, and open your mind… But sometimes this is not easy to understand how to get your Visa when you have found your dream-internship as the new trainee of a Thai company. We will explain quickly how to start the Visa process for your internship in Thailand, so as to make it as clear as possible.

To begin, you will need to go to the website of the Thai embassy or consulate of your home country in order to check if the list below is accurate in your Situation. The Visa needed to become a trainee in Thailand is the non-immigrant ED. During this particular Visa process, you will need some documents from you, from your school or academic organism, and from the company in Thailand. Be careful, without the internship agreement, nothing will be possible. Here is the list of the documents required for the visa process for your internship in Thailand:

  • The passport, original and photocopy valid minimum 6 months before leaving
  • The Visa requirement document well filled
  • Identity picture in color two 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Professional letter or invitation from the Thai company
  • A photocopy of an indentity card or passport from the person who will sign the trade register of the Thai company with the sentence «certified copy to the original” or « สำเนาถูกต้อง»
  • The complete trade register of the company
  • The original or the photocopy of the school paper which is explaining exactly the details of the internship of the student
  • An internship agreement
  • A copy of the plane ticket reservation (to go and to come back)
  • Visa fees : 60€

No worries, your hosting company and your home academic organism will help you to gather these documents in order to start as quick as possible your visa process, before the beginning of your internship in Bangkok.

The process time is depending on the embassy or consulate, but this will take around one week to have it, so make sure that you start the procedure at least two weeks before leaving, otherwise you will be stressed out more than needed, and leaving your home country for Bangkok is always stressful.

Now it’s time for you to begin the process to get your Thai student Visa, good luck, and we wish you a great time in Bangkok!