Best Internship Field Thailand

Are you a foreigner who wants to get a new exciting internship in Thailand? No worries guys! Nowadays there are lots of Thai company in big cities like Bangkok communicate using English and needs foreign worker as well!  There are lots of internship industry you can try!


These are 5 fields you might wanna try in Bangkok, Thailand!


– Content Writer & Content Marketing Internship

Don’t get surprised! Most companies need content writer and content marketing intern. Nowadays all companies are using content writing and content marketing to promote their products especially big companies in Bangkok. You guys who have English skill will fit with this position. Why? Because English is a universal language so it will be easier for people to understand. For those of you who enjoy writing you might be suitable for this intern position!


– Business Development Internship

All people might know that Business Development is needed in every company. It is a basic thing that a company should have. As an intern, this internship field will sharpen your confidence level and better communication skill. As an intern, company will send you outside to meet clients and make you as the representative of the company. So those of you who are ready for a new magnificent sales skill you should be a Business Development Intern here in Bangkok!


– Digital Marketing Internship

10 years back then, we are more familiar with offline marketing.  It is different since several years ago business promotes themselves through digital marketing. Digital Marketing is not just a Digital Marketing. It includes social media and SEO as well. You guys who are multitasking and want to gain new skill at once should try to enroll yourself as Digital Marketing Intern in companies in Bangkok.


– Customer Service Internship

According to Trading Economics, up until May 2019, there are 2.726.808 foreigners who visit Thailand, which mainly Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. Where mostly tourists use Thai company services in order to stay here in Thailand. When they faced problems they need to contact the customer service where we know them as a call center of the company in order to solve it. Where the majority of tourist couldn’t speak Thai, so obviously they will try to communicate by using English or Chinese and any other language. A Customer Service Intern help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services, take orders, and process returns. For those of you who have additional language skill, you might be suitable as a Customer Service Intern!


– Programmer Internship

For those of you who have a programming background, you will be suitable as a Programmer Intern in Thailand. Why? There are hundreds of Thai startup company especially in the capital city Bangkok launched every year and they need you guys who can do multiple programming languages. Challenge yourself as a Programmer Intern in Thailand!


Those are 5 internship fields in Bangkok, Thailand you guys can try.

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Let’s do the internship in Bangkok, Thailand!

Good luck!