Survive internship Bangkok


When you are arriving to Bangkok for your internship, there are many options for you to find an accommodation in Bangkok. The easiest but also, most of the time, the most expensive option is to look at Airbnb before arriving in Bangkok. If you want to find something cheap, you have to take a moment to search, but this is possible. Another option for the housing is to check the real estate agencies, but most of the time these agencies are doing some contracts of a duration of 6 months or one year minimum. The next possibility is to stay at a Hostel when your internship in Thailand is no longer than 1 month, this will cost you around 150€ per month. The last and the best option according to us is to go for accommodation sharing. For the same price than a cheap Airbnb, you can have a bigger house/condo, and discover Bangkok with your roommates, what a best way to start your internship? You can also find some other trainees in your house-sharing, help each other, and live your international traineeship the best way that you can.



Regarding the food, you can forget the European food generally, trainee don’t have that much money and the imported food is really expensive here. Say goodbye to cheese and wine, at least for the duration of your internship. Concerning Thai food, this is quite cheap here (2€ for one meal), and really tasty. Everybody can find something that he likes. You can try street food without being sick, just make sure that this is not spicy if you don’t like it, otherwise you can be surprise. The appropriate word for “no spicy” is “mai phed”.



Doing your Internship in Bangkok, you will have to visit this wonderful city to discover entirely the Thai Culture. The most famous places of Bangkok are Wat Pho and the Grand palace, according to our team of interns.

Outside of your working hours, you might want to discover the nightlife of Bangkok as well, this is something crazy, and the Khao San road is the best example if you want to see how we are partying in Thailand. Be careful, as the intern in digital marketing of a Thai company, don’t go to Khao San when you are working the next day!



We have many things to do around Bangkok, around 3 hours away from the city you can discover the islands, but also Kanchanaburi (a region of Thailand, with the river Kwai bridge), and one of the most known cities of Thailand: Pattaya. One of the best islands next to Bangkok is Koh Samet, you can go there for the weekend during your internship, by leaving Bangkok the Friday night, and coming back on Sunday. You will never be bored outside of your working hours!



A basic week in Bangkok is around 1500 Baths, if you are eating cheap, and if you are not going out. Here is Bangkok, going out is expensive, around 1500 Baths for one night, be careful with the touristic places! For the housing you can expect 300€ for one month, 120€ for food and 120€ for transportation. Doing your internship in Bangkok will be cheaper than in Europe in general.



Making your internship in in Bangkok, you might want to get the best internet package, to use your phone with family and friends without having to spend too much. Based on what is cheaper and is working the best, we recommend you to go to the 7/11, in order to have access to sim cards that are adapted to your internet use. This is easy and without any risk. Check before that the size of the SIM card is appropriate to your phone. The recommended brands are DTAC or TRUE.



To move inside of Bangkok during your internship, there is the BTS or the MRT, these are going in every place of Bangkok or almost, but you always have to walk to reach the BTS or MRT stations. It is humid and warm, so you will often take a taxi scooter to reach the stations, and this will become more expensive. The taxi scooters by themselves are super convenient and quite cheap in Bangkok, our advice is to use the application Grab to avoid any scam. The best option for us is to rent a scooter in Bangkok, this will cost you around 100€ per month. We have an entire article about the traffic and the transportation, if this subject interest you more deeply, please check here: