What you need to know before coming to Bangkok?

Are you thinking about doing your internship in Bangkok (Thailand)? This can be a really good decision because Bangkok is one of the most touristic places in the world. There are a lot of international companies that are still growing and looking for interns. Even though Bangkok is a very international city, it definitely has some differences compared to other Asian or European cities.

The weather

Thailand is a tropical country, this means that there is no winter in the season like in western countries. The average temperature is 30 degrees the whole year. The most part of Thailand has three seasons:

  • Hot – this season is from March to May and the average temperature during this period is 29 – 38 degrees.
  • Rain – the rainy season is from June to October, the temperature will be between 26 and 32 degrees. There will be some sunny days at the beginning of this season, but it will get very rainy in the last months.
  • Dry – the dry season is from November to February, the temperature averages from 19 to 30 degrees.


As you may or may not know, the most used transportation in Bangkok is a motorbike(scooter). These vehicles are found everywhere and they are cheaper and faster than taxies. If you are looking for a faster and even cheaper way to get around than public transportation is the best choice. The sky train (also known as the BTS) is very convenient and easy to use even for foreigners. 


Thailand is known for its delicious ditches and street food. Once you arrive in Bangkok you will notice that there are a lot of food stands all over the city. Bangkok also has international restaurants and cafes, so there is something for everyone. The prices for the food depends on where you eat because if you eat in an international restaurant the price will be higher than at a street food stand or local restaurants.

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For most interns it can be very challenging to do an internship, especially in another country. To do the actual work and learn about work stuff but for me it was not so hard to adjust, because I had an amazing team that helped me to learn all the work and it became interesting. For the first day I was nervous I did not know what to expect, how the people are and how much work will I be able to handle but turns out doing the internship in Bangkok is so interesting, you learn new things, you meet other interns from different countries and on the other side you are in a country that everyone is just so kind and humble. Doing my internship in Bangkok allowed me to learn about Thailand, it also allowed me to make new friends.

Internship in Bangkok Thailand gave me so much knowledge that I did not have before, it allowed me to see how things get done and it was very interesting and amazing because we do things differently in my country which is South Africa. I encourage students to apply in Bangkok to do their internship so that they experience what I have experience and who knows you might have an awesome experience more than me.

My internship in Bangkok was extremely good it was so educational and my work at the company was interesting. I was out of my comfort zone which allowed me to learn it was so much refreshing. Not only did I learn but I also had fun while at it, interns were so involved with the work. This shows how good doing an internship in Bangkok is.

The company’s team building is taken very seriously they have so many team building activities so that coworkers can bond and get them comfortable also to make everyone get along so that the work environment is healthy for the job to get done as well as to motivate employees, this was amazing because it is rare in many places especially where am from, I had the most amazing experience I wish for every intern, internship in Bangkok is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.    

Daily Life of an International Intern in Bangkok

Why Bangkok, Thailand?

Bangkok is welcoming more and more international interns every single year. Many international students find it adventurous, interesting, and appealing to do an internship in Bangkok. The rapid developing economy, intriguing culture of Thailand, and friendly Thai people are the main attraction for international students to do their  internship in Bangkok.

How does the daily life of an international intern in Bangkok looks like?

It is an amazing opportunity to do an internship in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The economy in Thailand is growing rapidly, and especially in Bangkok. You will be able to experience the developing economy and gain valuable experiences for your future career. You will not regret choosing Bangkok in the future. 

Apart from doing your  internship, you can still enjoy your life in Bangkok. There is a lot of temples which exhibit the Thailand traditional cultural, Thai traditional food, dances, Muay-Thai, and these will let you know more about the fascinating culture of Thailand. At weekends, in day-time, you can roam around Bangkok and get to know more about Thailand.

Bangkok’s nigh-life is so famous among young people. There is a lot of fun activities to enjoy and a lot of delicious street food. Doing an internship is not only about work, you also need to have fun and enjoy your life to the fullest. If you’re interested about doing your internship in Bangkok and want more information, you can always contact Internships Thailand  at https://internships-thailand.com. Internships Thailand has helped many international students for their internship in Thailand. We can guarantee to connect you with the companies which can give you enormous amazing experiences which can support your future career. Ninety-nine percent of the students we helped are satisfied by their internship and life in Bangkok.

How To Make Friends And Meet New Exciting People.

The day is finally there, you are going to Bangkok to live and work there. You get on your plane and don’t want what is coming. You are excited and maybe even a little frightened but you know you will be fine.

One of the things you are most insecure about is probably how to make friends abroad. You are used to meeting people in the normal conventions like school or work. But now you have to find new friends in a foreign country.

The nice thing is, It seems harder than it is! Here are a couple of ways to make friends.

1. Meet Up

There are a lot of platforms who help you with making friends abroad. Use for example MeetUp. A website where you can find a different kind of meetups. There are book clubs, ex-pat lunches or even meetups for people from your home country.

There a lot of foreigners in Bangkok who need to find new friends just like you.

2. Online Apps

If you don’t want to go to a meetup but just chat 1 on 1 first you can also use apps like Tinder or Bumble BFF. We all know Tinder of course. It is designed as a dating app but is also a really good way to meet new people. Dating helps you meet new people abroad and maybe you will also find a really nice match. You could also ask them if they want to introduce you to their friends and get to know a whole group of friends. You could also just put something like“looking for friends” in your bio. it’s an easy way to connect and meet other foreigners or even locals who can show you around.      

Bumble BFF works the same way but is specially designed for making friends. You just put in a few photos of yourself, the things you love to do and your favourite music or movie and you are ready to match. Now just start a conversation about the things you both love and let’s meet with them!

3, Make Friends With Your Co-workers

Your fellow interns are probably in the same situation as you are. They are either alone and dying to meet some new friends or already made some friends but know how hard it could be to make friends abroad. Just explain the situation and ask them if they want to hang out or if they could invite you to their friends. Most international interns are really open and would love to help you.

4. Talk To Strangers

When you just living your daily life don’t fear to speak to people and make some normal everyday conversations. For example when you are in the supermarket and there is a long line. Just say something about it to one next to you about it. Some people are really open and you can connect really easy with them. Also when you hear someone speaking the same language just make some small talk and ask what they do in Bangkok.

All in all, It’s not that hard to meet new people. Just be open for other people and socialise with them. And don’t give up when you get rejected once or twice but just try it with the next person again. You will definitely meet some amazing new friends abroad and you will have the best time of your life!

The differences between the west and the east.

Individualism vs collectivism

In the west, we are becoming more and more individualistic. It’s important to get your own career and make sure your own business is taken care of before you can help others. People are focussed on themselves and the most important thing is eventually for you to be happy.

In Thailand and other Asian cultures, it’s the opposite. It is really common for grandparents to live with their grandchildren and take care of their kids. And if an aunt comes in financial trouble, the whole family would team up to make sure she will be all right.


In Thailand, the hierarchy is really important. You need to always accept orders from the one who is having more power than you have. In an internship job this would be a little bit different because most of the time, it is more of an international environment. Authorities always need to be respected. The king is the highest in rank and you can never say something bad about him.

In western societies, people are more seen as equal. You have to be able to say as much as possible. If people do not agree with a decision they would openly let others know.  In the west, it is also normal to criticise authorities or the government.

Say what you think

In Thai culture, people are way less direct than in the west. Thai people will never tell you “no”, even if they can never live up to it. They would say things in a nice and not direct way. Westerners could interpret it as a “yes” or “maybe” while the Thai means “no”.

In western culture, we are used to saying things the way they are. For Thai people, this could be really rude while we don’t mean it to be like that. We don’t need to give people a nice message as long as we are being honest.

One last tip

One last important tip is to really listen to Thai people and respect their culture and values. Also, ask a Thai person what they want or prefer and not just say what you think. Sometimes they would even say that something is okay. Although, in reality, it is not.

How to Find a Student House or Condo for Rent in Bangkok?

There are a lot of different ways to find yourself a house in Bangkok. But you first need to take the following preparation steps:

  1. Determine your budget and calculate it to the bath. So you’re sure that you can afford it.
  2. Determine the place it needs to be. It’s nice to live nearby a BTS or MRT station because it will make transportation so much cheaper and easier. You always need to know the location of your internship so it’s not too far to travel. Bangkok is a really big city and the traffic is terrible.
  3. Do you want to live or with roommates. For a lot of western students, it is affordable to live in your own condominium. But maybe you want to save on your budget or like living with other people together.

When you have determined what you want you can look for accommodations which would suit your needs. There are a lot of different platforms to go to. We listed a few for you.

1. Airbnb

Almost everyone has heard of Airbnb of course. But not that many people know you can also rent houses for a longer period of time. A lot of condos on the housing websites are for at least a year but on AirBnB it’s possible to get houses for a shorter period. You most often get even a discount too when you are staying there long term.

The choices on this website are a little bit limited. But it is easy to use and book.

2. Facebook Groups

There are a lot of groups on Facebook where you can get a nice place to live. Someone would just post a message and you can send the owner a dm to rent it or to schedule a viewing. There are also a lot of advertisements for people who need a roommate. So if you prefer that, Facebook is a good platform to find your house.  A good group is for example “Bangkok- Take Over My Lease”. You could also join a group like “Bangkok Expats” and ask if someone wants to help you and knows something that fits your needs.

3. Rental Websites

There are also a lot of rental websites in Thailand. Big websites are Hipflat and Thailand Property. The problem is that most of the houses and condos are only available with at least a one year contract. Most of the interns stay in Bangkok for a shorter period of course. You could always try to find something but it is not the best way.

4. Craigslist

Last but not least, we have Craigslist. Most people would know this platform as well of course. But it is a really good way to find yourself a nice new home. Especially when you want to live in a shared apartment. You could post a request you just respond on the available contacts on the website.

Altogether, there are a lot of different ways to find yourself a nice home in Bangkok. Internships Thailand will also assist you in the process. So we can help you with finding the perfect house in Bangkok.


I’ve always wanted to do my internship in Asia since the beginning of my studies. Internship Thailand was the opportunity I was wondering. This is a great service, helpful and serious. I was quite afraid about looking for an internship abroad, and I looked for a traineeship for a long time before discovering Internship Thailand. They gave me my chance in business development and I loved it! I think that the website is a great opportunity for students that want to be an intern in Thailand, without risking to be fooled because they don’t have contacts in this country.


I am a French student in management and event organizing and working for this company as a sales and social network manager was something great. This one is definitely different from the French working culture that I’ve experienced before. I’ve already done an internship but working in Thailand made me think about the cultural differences, how to express myself depending on the nationality of the people in front of me and how to behave in order to be clearly understood by the person.


My name is Grégoire and I’ve used the website internship Thailand to find my internship of three months in Bangkok. They have been really helpful, and the website helped me a lot with the Visa process to go to Thailand. Thanks to their help, I had a great traineeship in Digital Marketing. The company BKK French touch gave me a lot of responsibilities and trusted me. Working in Thailand was a super experience, for my CV and to open my mind. I recommend Internship Thailand one hundred percent if you want something fast, easy and concrete.

Survive internship Bangkok


When you are arriving to Bangkok for your internship, there are many options for you to find an accommodation in Bangkok. The easiest but also, most of the time, the most expensive option is to look at Airbnb before arriving in Bangkok. If you want to find something cheap, you have to take a moment to search, but this is possible. Another option for the housing is to check the real estate agencies, but most of the time these agencies are doing some contracts of a duration of 6 months or one year minimum. The next possibility is to stay at a Hostel when your internship in Thailand is no longer than 1 month, this will cost you around 150€ per month. The last and the best option according to us is to go for accommodation sharing. For the same price than a cheap Airbnb, you can have a bigger house/condo, and discover Bangkok with your roommates, what a best way to start your internship? You can also find some other trainees in your house-sharing, help each other, and live your international traineeship the best way that you can.



Regarding the food, you can forget the European food generally, trainee don’t have that much money and the imported food is really expensive here. Say goodbye to cheese and wine, at least for the duration of your internship. Concerning Thai food, this is quite cheap here (2€ for one meal), and really tasty. Everybody can find something that he likes. You can try street food without being sick, just make sure that this is not spicy if you don’t like it, otherwise you can be surprise. The appropriate word for “no spicy” is “mai phed”.



Doing your Internship in Bangkok, you will have to visit this wonderful city to discover entirely the Thai Culture. The most famous places of Bangkok are Wat Pho and the Grand palace, according to our team of interns.

Outside of your working hours, you might want to discover the nightlife of Bangkok as well, this is something crazy, and the Khao San road is the best example if you want to see how we are partying in Thailand. Be careful, as the intern in digital marketing of a Thai company, don’t go to Khao San when you are working the next day!



We have many things to do around Bangkok, around 3 hours away from the city you can discover the islands, but also Kanchanaburi (a region of Thailand, with the river Kwai bridge), and one of the most known cities of Thailand: Pattaya. One of the best islands next to Bangkok is Koh Samet, you can go there for the weekend during your internship, by leaving Bangkok the Friday night, and coming back on Sunday. You will never be bored outside of your working hours!



A basic week in Bangkok is around 1500 Baths, if you are eating cheap, and if you are not going out. Here is Bangkok, going out is expensive, around 1500 Baths for one night, be careful with the touristic places! For the housing you can expect 300€ for one month, 120€ for food and 120€ for transportation. Doing your internship in Bangkok will be cheaper than in Europe in general.



Making your internship in in Bangkok, you might want to get the best internet package, to use your phone with family and friends without having to spend too much. Based on what is cheaper and is working the best, we recommend you to go to the 7/11, in order to have access to sim cards that are adapted to your internet use. This is easy and without any risk. Check before that the size of the SIM card is appropriate to your phone. The recommended brands are DTAC or TRUE.



To move inside of Bangkok during your internship, there is the BTS or the MRT, these are going in every place of Bangkok or almost, but you always have to walk to reach the BTS or MRT stations. It is humid and warm, so you will often take a taxi scooter to reach the stations, and this will become more expensive. The taxi scooters by themselves are super convenient and quite cheap in Bangkok, our advice is to use the application Grab to avoid any scam. The best option for us is to rent a scooter in Bangkok, this will cost you around 100€ per month. We have an entire article about the traffic and the transportation, if this subject interest you more deeply, please check here: https://www.rentascooterbangkok.com/