About Us

We are a recruitment company specializing in finding business opportunities in Bangkok, Thailand for students in search of business & management internships from all over the world.

Business & management internships in Bangkok(Thailand) – Live, work and play in a vibrant city with a growing economy and expat community!

We strive to ensure that students have the opportunity to find an internship that falls in line with their career goals and aspirations. We want to allow students the chance to take advantage of Bangkok (Thailand ) business opportunities and gain the international work experience that they require before launching their international careers.

Our internship opportunities are unique and challenging, and give international students the opportunity to learn on the job, while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. We understand the importance of having international experience in today’s job market and global economy, and we are committed to offering the very best management internship, business internships, and more for all the students we accept into our program.

We recruit for a variety of companies in different industries. If you’re looking for business and management internships in Thailand, we have you covered!

We have partnered with a variety of companies that operate in many different industries, so that we are able to offer students the chance to take advantage of growing business opportunities in Thailand no matter what career field they hope to pursue. Through our internship placements we hope to encourage cultural exchange and open up Asia to international students around the world so that they are better equipped to handle current and future global issues.

In order to make the process as simple as possible for students, we also provide assistance with finding accommodation and the visa application process. With more than 200 affiliated companies all around Thailand (mostly in Bangkok) and our 13 years’ experience with business & management internships placement in Thailand, you are guaranteed to get the best chance to enhance your international profile in the field of your choice.